[Umebura Japan Major 2017]
A large scale singles&teams tournament of Super Smash Bros. for WiiU will be held!

  Saturday, May 6 ~ Sunday, May 7

  [General Participants] 678 people
[WiiU Bringing Participants] 90

  [Visitors] Unlimited
 (Will be limited depending on other registrations)

Registration Period:
 [Early discount]
  22:00 on March 20
         – 23:59 on March 31

 [Regular registration]
  22:00 on April 1
         – 23:59 on May 3

Entry Fee:
  [General Participants]
    ・Early discount + PayPal discount : 2,000 yen /2 days
    ・Early discount :
 yen /2 days
    ・PayPal discount : 2,500
 yen /2 days
    ・Regular registration : 3,000
/2 days
  [WiiU Bringing Participants]
 yen /2 days
 yen /1 day

  [Registration Website]
    ・General Participants
      ・ PayPalregistration
WiiU Bringing Participants
      ・ Kokucheeseregistration

For WiiU Bringing Participants: Only Japanese version is allowed. Please make sure that all characters and stages (including DLC characters and Dreamland) are unlocked.
      Day1 PayPalregistration
      ・Day1 Kokucheeseregistration
      ・Day2 PayPal registration
      ・Day2 Kokucheese registration 

Registration for team battle will be held at the venue at the day. If you registrate as General/WiiU Bringing Participants or Visitor, you will be able to registrate for team battle.

  [Umebura Japan Major 2017]

  A large scale singles&teams tournament of Super Smash Bros. for WiiU will be held!
  Venue: Oota City Industrial Plaza PiO, Large exhibition hall

Game Rules


Time Schedule
 5/6 (Sat.)
  09:00~ Set up
  10:00~ Reception start
  (WiiU Bringers are required to come at 10:00)

  11:00 Reception end
  11:00~ Opening ceremony
  11:30~20:00 Tournament
  09:00~ Venue open
  09:30~19:00 Tournament
  19:00~ Clean up

Rules of Venue
  • Trash
        Please take your trash home. Do not leave any trash at the venue.
  • Foods and Drinks
        We recommend you to write your name on your food and bottles.
  • Theft
        Please hold your own valuables. We will take no responsibility for any loss.
  • Name tags
        We will give out name tags at the reception. Please put your name tag at the venue.
  • Lost and Found
        We will keep things left behind, but if there is no contact, we will dispose it.

What to bring to the venue
  • Controllers
    Any controllers besides WiiU gamepad is allowed.
    We recommend you to put a mark so that you can recognize your own controller.

Cancelling your participation
  If you need to cancel your participation, please cancel from kokucheese or contact Umebura twitter account as soon as possible.
  If there was an absence without leave, there will be a penalty to the player.